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Guest Services Associate


Nahshon Joshua is a Kansas City native who received a B.F.A. from Kansas State in 2020. There they became a two-time recipient of the Art Department Merit Scholarship. Nahshon double concentrated in Painting and Printmaking while minoring in Leadership Studies.


In June '20, the Figurative oil painter moved to Seattle, Washington, and released the debut painting collection: Remember Our Protectors. Nahshon is a butler to two black cats: Lady Huntress and Mister Whiskers. Nahshon spends their free time reading Fantasy/Sci-fi and playing Breath of the Wild on Switch. 


Nahshon is thrilled to join the ARTE NOIR community as a Guest Services Associate. In a white-dominated city like Seattle, Nahshon has found ARTE NOIR to be a beautiful Black creative oasis. They look forward to helping strengthen the bond ARTE NOIR has fostered with Black artisans and locals.

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