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Unless you have been under a virtual rock, you already know that Central District eatery Communion, led by the indefatigable mother/son team Kristi Brown and Damon Bomar, has appeared on every recommended food list worth watching, up to and including being named a James Beard Award semifinalist and Condé Nast Traveler Best New Restaurant in the World: 2021 Hot List. We simply cannot get enough of That Brown Girl stuff and we are also pretty excited about the notice a few of our other favorite culinary masters have recently received.

We didn’t know and we bet you didn’t either, that the Heinz company, yes, as in ketchup, launched The Black Kitchen Initiative in 2020, which exists to "celebrate, uplift, and preserve the legacy of Black food by breaking down barriers that keep Black voices and cooking out of the American culinary pantheon." Say more, we’re listening!

According to the Heinz webpage, “Black cuisine, culture, and businesses have made an indelible mark on the best parts of America.” The bottom line of this initiative is to connect Black restaurants with resources that support the long-term health of their establishments. Five Washington State restaurants are among those recently selected for the initiative and are located in Seattle, Tacoma, Kent, and Auburn, so add them to your list of places to try when you're in the area.

We tip our hats and lift our plates to congratulate our local bringers of good food:

DayoSense Catering - Chef Dayo Edwards and her team are one of Seattle‘s leading full-service companies dedicated to creating joyful and unique experiences through food and community.

Intentions Juice & Smoothie Bar - What began as a home endeavor to create a healthier lifestyle evolved into creating a space for the community to be intentional about what we feed our bodies.

Nana’s Southern Kitchen - Family-run restaurant specializing in Southern favorites.

Simply Soulful Café - Delightful pies and recipes like catfish and collard greens that hold true to that simple, yet full-of-flavor soul food.

Trotters Restaurant - Family-owned restaurant serving up hearty breakfasts, burgers, and more!

See the full list and learn more about the Heinz Kitchen Initiative here, and check out the accompanying podcast to hear the stories of these and other culinary keepers of the culture all across the country.


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