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When it comes to creative solutions intended to push us to a higher and better place, girls are definitely leading. Who run the world? Girls for certain! We’ve highlighted a lot of them on these pages and we are not done! Taking the center spotlight this time is a young woman who is a mother, singer/songwriter, published writer, and founding member of Sway and Swoon Collective. Truth is, she has had our attention for some time and now we want her to be on your radar. JusMoni aka Moni Tep is a true national treasure. This little mama is a native of Seattle but her presence can be felt on the other side of the country if not beyond.

Black woman in a pink dress and braids sits on a white couch in front of an array of flowers
Still from JusMoni's Reckoning, view music video below

Sway and Swoon is a DJ collective that spins for the cause. One such example is apparent in the partnership with KEXP and the Vera Project to host a free Love the Kids event earlier this month, with workshops on how to DJ and more. During COVID the collective hosted an online Pride Party and this year in New York, Portland, and Seattle, you can find them hosting events to celebrate the rainbow again.

But this is just a small taste of what Ms. Moni is all about. Yes, she is one of THE baddest DJ’s around, and she is also dedicated to her work as Education Director for the Seattle nonprofit Creative Justice, an innovative program that uses an arts-based approach to ending racial disproportionality and youth incarceration.

In her own words, Moni is, “guided by ancestral memory and lifelong spiritual practices.” She is an artist who gives thanks for the blessings that have provided her with “game, grace, and gravitas,” shaping her as a wise woman much beyond her 30 years. The Black church and her mother’s native land of Cambodia have molded Moni.

Moni is definitely a woman of skill and heart many moons beyond her years, when she spins, her segues and blends are always a mix of old school and the latest jams. She’s a conscientious DJ who can read a room and know exactly what to put on the turntable to ensure that everyone has a great time.

Should you ever have the opportunity, do not pass up a party with DJ Moni. We also highly recommend that you take in her soulful voice and experience the sound of ancestral knowing. You can do that on Spotify.

And of course, if you would like to support the all-women-led Creative Justice, we urge you to learn more and tap in to support.

Thank you Moni for keeping the grooves going and using your creativity in pursuit of justice.

Follow her on Instagram for all her happenings @saffronniaa


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