• Hilary Northcraft


This month's shout-out goes to Seattle multi-disciplinary artist, barry johnson, whose work adorns the outside of our soon-to-be physical space at Midtown Square. "Pretty Boy Barry," his latest solo exhibit, features large-scale canvases made up of brightly painted self-portraits and a ground installation of vibrant rose petals. The installation creates a bed on which to cradle a selection of personal effects, which also serve as compositional accents in the portraits hung above, each complimenting the other.

In barry's own words, "The show is a journey into my identity and studio practice. All the works explore past and present pieces made by me during my career and books and tools that have guided me. This show is expression of self-love and a victory flag for overcoming lengthy bouts of darkness. Love and gratitude."

Take advantage of this opportunity to experience barry's vibrant and revealing works in person. "Pretty Boy Barry" is currently on view at A-Gallery in Seattle's Pioneer Square through March 24, 2022.