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Fact: Black women are fashion icons of the world. Find the lies.

And once more, we can tout the sheer genius as we joyously celebrate the design history Ruth Carter just made as a two-time Oscar winner for her magnificent costume work on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever! Ruth is a magician when it comes to clothing design. All “YASS QUEEN” confirmations should be directed to her right now!!! 👏🏾

We’re holding up some extra light over here too and shining it on a woman in the local fashion scene. At five years old, Carlisia Minnis was already on her journey to becoming a seamstress. She set aside her passion for fashion to work in the corporate world, like so many find themselves doing, but after a while that fashion bug hit her like a ton of bricks and she could no longer deny her heart’s desire.

A brown skinned woman with pink dreadlocks stands next to a mannequin with colorfully designed outfit
Carlisia Minnis with one of her designs. Courtesy of the artist

Carlisia is the daughter of a family friend and I can recall watching her flaunt stylish ensembles, always looking perfectly put together. Having a front-row view of her growth, and slipping into a few fashion shows to see her work, then learning of her move to create her own design house some years ago, was a full-on hallelujah moment.

She is the founder of Mac Fashion House where versatile custom styles can be found running the gamut from avant-garde to urban fashionista. The brand is a perfect choice for anyone looking to turn the mundane into runway ready. Her brand also includes African-inspired accessories, journals, and home goods.

You can check out Mac Fashion House studio and showroom in White Center, and learn more about Carlisia’s story and her designs on her website.


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