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I know something about birthing some babies.

Having given birth to three of my own children, I consider myself moderately well versed on the subject, including the tenets of natural childbirth. But after being pregnant for at least a good two years with the vision for a permanent Black arts space in the Central District, what is about to be born will require me to recall all the Lamaze breathing techniques I can muster.

I’m breathless with excitement and a bit overcome by the process and the support that has helped to make this all come to life. We are having a baby!

On Saturday, September 17th, the doors of ARTE NOIR will open at 2301 East Union Street in Seattle's Central District neighborhood. This newborn will be the manifestation of a vision that has been well nurtured through all of the prenatal stages. Supporters have dug deep and offered advice, encouragement, and cash. Collaborators have leaned into our vision and turned doubts into unequivocal affirmations.

Giving birth is a sacred act. To be a vessel that delivers a new being into existence is an honor. This journey has in no way been singular and this baby will never belong to me, by design. But I will continue to nurture her through all the stages of development just as a mother would, and do so with the partnership of a beautiful collective of co-parents.

We can’t wait for you to meet ARTE NOIR in person. But mind your manners. If you don't think this baby is cute, show us what your mama taught you and just say, “Now that’s a baby.”

Much love and gratitude,

Vivian Phillips, Founder


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