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March is Women’s History Month. Four Black women, in particular, are making history right now - these women are the creators and architects of the Black Future Co-op Fund, Washington's first Black-woman-led philanthropy. They made history when they founded this groundbreaking philanthropy, and they made history again by recognizing twenty-one Black women-led causes in our state with $50,000 unrestricted "We See You" grants. ARTE NOIR is among the twenty-one grant recipients!

To be honored and seen in this way definitely indicates a shift in the workings of traditional philanthropy. The women of the Black Future Co-op Fund understand that Black women have long been at the forefront of our collective liberation, yet have been under-resourced for generations. Their mission is to ignite generational wealth, health, and well-being, and they envision a Washington state where we are all working cooperatively for the liberation of all Black people to become prosperous and self-determined to fully live our lives. That mission alone is historic and powerful!

As ARTE NOIR draws closer to our vision of establishing and owning a Black art and culture space in Seattle, this grant brings us closer to this dream and allows for our investment in Black art and artists to be well supported.

ARTE NOIR has received additional support to forward our goals, and it’s worth noting that to date, our champion donors have all been women. And, there is something very powerful and fulfilling to have a group of Black women come together, and shine their eyes on other Black women with such significant support. The Black women architects of the Black Future Co-op Fund; Andrea Caupain Sanderson, Michelle Merriweather, Angela Jones, and Senator T’wina Nobles have made it clear that their partnership and trust in other Black women to help fulfill their mission and vision, is backed up with the needed resources for us to continue to do our good work.

At ARTE NOIR our pledge is to maintain the trust and integrity of service in which this investment has been made and we are forever grateful and honored to be among the twenty-one grantees!

Please take a moment to learn more about the Black Future Co-op Fund and the other 20 grantees – all Black women in Washington State leading for a liberated future.


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