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Up now through September 10th in the ARTE NOIR Gallery Space, MIDTOWN SOUL celebrates the beauty and soul of the Central District.

Featuring works by Juan Alonso-Rodríguez, Myron Curry, Adam Jabari, barry johnson, Yeggy Michael, Perri Rhoden, and Takiyah Ward, the artists in this exhibition are representative of the historic and growing Seattle community of Black art and artists. Reclaiming a sense of place and presence, they exhibit a range of artistic excellence, while also extending themselves as active members of the historic Black cultural landscape in the city.

MIDTOWN SOUL honors these artists—whose striking public art resides throughout the exterior of Midtown Square—and their commitment to the re-emergence of Black art and culture in the Central District. The original eight artists, seven of whom are featured in Midtown Soul, submitted proposals in response to the Midtown public art plan theme, Reverence and Discovery, and were selected by a distinguished arts advisory group. ARTE NOIR is thrilled to present this first-ever exhibit of their work, bringing all of the artists together again to celebrate their dedication to art, culture, and community.

Come through and celebrate these wonderful artists bringing the soul back into the CD!

Five men and women stand in front of an art gallery exhibit
MIDTOWN SOUL Artists at the Artist Reception


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