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Barry Johnson | NW Building Exterior

As a multimedia artist known for playing with varying imagery and patterns, Johnson has showcased his talents with 20 colorful portraits meant to evoke a sense of imagination and artistry. These portraits aim to be a visual representation of the community, legacy and evolution of the Central District.

Myron Curry | 23rd Ave. Mural

As a self-taught artist and Seattle native, Curry brings his passion for artistry and community to Midtown Square’s plaza with several colorful panels that simultaneously honor past leaders while inspiring the new generation.

Adam Jabari Jefferson | NE Building Exterior

Specializing in telling stories of POC experiences through his photography, Jefferson focused on creating the building’s “face” with a multi-level series of photographic images paying homage to the rich heritage of the community.

Henry Jackson-Spieker | 23rd Ave. Portal

(A collaboration with KT Hancock) A former student at youth arts center Coyote Central on Cherry St. & 23rd Ave, Jackson-Spieker brings his unique and fascinating talents in glass sculpting to Midtown’s pedestrian thoroughfare with an overhead light installation featuring imagery of significant community members throughout the history of the Central District.

Yegizaw Michael | 23rd & Union Plaza

By incorporating warm wood tones in his art installation depicting a Central District historical timeline, Michael helps create a sense of “community” and “familiarity” in the 23rd & Union Plaza.

Perri Rhoden | 24th Ave. Mural

In her first major commission, Rhoden has created a mural at the square’s entrance with bold imagery meant to dazzle and entice, capturing the beauty and power of the community.

Juan Alonso Rodriguez | 24th & Union Plaza

With an approach focused on honoring the neighborhood’s natural elements and existing art pieces, Rodriguez designs a metal wall sculpture representing the native hollyhock plants, symbolizing deep roots and resiliency.

Takiyah Ward | Central Square Mural

Incorporating the past, present and future of the “Central District” in her piece, Ward brings her unique style to Midtown’s Central Square in the form of a 120-foot colorful mural to act as a backdrop for an area where community and conversation is center stage.

Learn more about the Midtown Square Arts Program on their website 

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