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The ARTE NOIR Black Artist Roster has been developed to bring greater visibility and access to Black artists across the creative spectrum. From public and private art commissions to speaking engagements, performing arts requests, residencies, retreats, and more, the Black Artist Roster provides a singular location for artists to learn about available opportunities. Participation in the Black Artist Roster is not intended to guarantee artists any particular opportunities, rather, it is being created to increase access to Black artists, their skills, and specific areas of work. 

To complement the Black Artist Roster, we have also developed a dedicated portal for organizations seeking Black artists. Within the portal individuals and organizations can share arts opportunities, with the guarantee that ARTE NOIR will forward this information directly to Black artists on the roster. Opportunities can include but are not limited to calls for artists and curators, grants, and funding opportunities. To submit an artist profile to be included in the Black Artist Roster or an arts opportunity, please review our general information and eligibility requirements.


Project Timeline

  • The pilot phase of the Black Artist Roster will be open for submissions from Thursday, June 12, 2024, through Monday, September 30, 2024. The roster will reopen for submissions in early 2025.

  • Individuals and organizations looking to reach Black artists and share arts opportunities can do so year-round. 

  • ARTE NOIR will continue to share opportunities with rostered artists throughout the year.


  • The roster is open to new, emerging, and established individual Black artists, teaching artists, and collectives from every creative discipline, including but not limited to culinary arts, dance, literature, media arts, visual art, music, production, theatre, etc. 

  • Applicants must reside in Washington State. 

  • Applicants must be at least 15 years of age at the time of submission. 


How do I submit an artist profile?

We have created a submission form that allows artists to share information about themselves and their work. It is free to apply. 

  • Register for a FREE Submittable account

  • Create your applicant profile

  • Begin receiving Black arts opportunities in your inbox! 

What is the Submittable online platform?

Submittable provides online form management software that allows organizations to build custom forms, collect data, and oversee the review of form submissions. It streamlines reporting and communications internally and externally.

Do I need a Submittable account to participate in the Black Artist Roster?

Yes, this process requires that you set up a free Submittable account. We find the account set up to be fairly straightforward but if you encounter any trouble, Submittable maintains a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and offers step-by-step guides on their help platform here. For further assistance with the Submittable online application, please contact Submittable tech support at


The Submission Form Overview

  • All questions are required unless otherwise indicated.

  • Submittable automatically saves your application as you go but it is recommended that you periodically save as you fill out the form. You can also copy and paste your answers in a Word doc so you can work through your answers and enter them later. 

  • Your artist listing will be categorized and labeled in our internal database based on the answers you provide within the form. Please share as many details about your artistic process and skills as possible so that we have a proper note record of your offerings.

  • If at any time you need to update or edit your roster listing, you can contact us directly for access to make changes within the Submittable messaging system or by emailing us:

Can I submit more than one artist profile? 

The artist profile form allows artists to share information about each discipline that they work in and allows for up to ten work samples. If you are a multi-disciplinary artist, please be sure to share at least one sample for each of your disciplines, if available. It is preferred that you create only one profile for yourself as an individual artist. If you are also a member of an artist collective, you can make a note of this in your artist bio. 


What if I am just starting out and don't have a resume or CV?

You do not have to submit a resume, however, you do need to provide a description of your artwork AND an artist statement/bio. 


For preparation, the following questions will required to complete the submission form:

  • Contact information (name, contact info, website (if applicable))

  • Business information (if applicable)

  • Social media handles (if applicable)

  • Artist statement/bio

  • Artist resume (if available)

  • The art form(s) in which you create or the media(s) you work in

  • Level of arts experience

  • Description of your artwork

  • Samples of your artwork. Include at least one from each art form if you are a multi-disciplinary artist. Text, Images, Audio, Video, and Zip files are allowed.

  • Share whether you would like to be included as a member of the forthcoming Speaker’s Bureau. 

    • Answer via a Yes/No checkbox

    • Share topics you would be interested in speaking about


How will I know if I made it into the roster?

Once you submit, you will receive a confirmation message notifying you that you have been automatically added to the Black Artist Roster!  


Will I receive feedback about my submission?

You will only be notified if we have questions or need further clarification about your profile submission. Otherwise, you will only hear from us regarding upcoming opportunities. 


How will I know about opportunities available for Black artists?

ARTE NOIR will share opportunities with our roster list once a month via email. In situations where time is of the essence, we will share opportunities more frequently.


ARTE NOIR will not:

  1. Share the artist’s personal information directly to any inquiries we receive

  2. Apply to opportunities on behalf of artists 

  3. Act as an artist management service

If you have additional questions about the Black Artists Roster and Speaker’s Bureau project, please get in touch with ARTE NOIR via email at

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