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Are you looking to share arts opportunities with the Black Arts Community? We've recently developed a Black Artist Roster as a means to bring greater visibility and access to Black artists across the creative spectrum. 

To complement the Black Artist Roster, we have also developed a dedicated portal for organizations seeking Black artists. Within the portal individuals and organizations can share upcoming opportunities. Opportunities can include but are not limited to calls for artists and curators, residencies, grants, and funding opportunities. 

Completing the submission form allows ARTE NOIR to share your information with a range of artists. Our commitment is to share information on the opportunity you submit; we take no responsibility for additional vetting or contact. Artists will be responsible for contacting you directly to follow up, should they be interested in applying. 

This Black Artist Roster is maintained by ARTE NOIR staff and used as a tool for sharing local, national, and international opportunities for Black artists including calls for art or curators, educators, grants, public art projects, artist residencies, speaking opportunities, arts production, and more. To increase the vocal presence of Black artists in civic discourse, you may also request Black artists as guest speakers.

What are the benefits of sharing your opportunities with the Black Artist Roster? 

  • ARTE NOIR will communicate your opportunities directly to our Black Artist Roster via regular email communication. Where time is of the essence, we will do our best to alert artists promptly.

  • The opportunity submission form intends to eliminate as many barriers as possible for Black artists.

  • Artists on the roster reside in Washington State, are at least 15 years of age, and represent a broad spectrum of disciplines.

  • Shared opportunities may be local, national, and international.


Project Timeline

  • The pilot phase of the Black Artist Roster will be open for submissions from Thursday, June 12, 2024, through Monday, September 30, 2024. The roster will reopen for submissions in early 2025.

  • Individuals and organizations looking to reach Black artists and share arts opportunities can do so year-round. 

  • ARTE NOIR will continue to share opportunities with rostered artists throughout the year.


  • The Black Artist Roster roster is open to new, emerging, and established individual Black artists who reside in Washington State and are at least 15 years of age. 

  • Individuals and Organizations submitting opportunities can do so from anywhere, it is not required that the opportunities be specific to Washington State. 


How do I submit an opportunity?

We have created a submission form that allows individuals and organizations to share information about upcoming opportunities. It is free to apply. 

  • Register for a FREE Submittable account

  • Create your applicant profile

  • ARTE NOIR will begin sharing your opportunities to our roster. 

What is the Submittable online platform?

Submittable provides online form management software that allows organizations to build custom forms, collect data, and oversee the review of form submissions. It streamlines reporting and communications internally and externally.

ARTE NOIR will not:

  1. Share an artist’s personal information directly to any inquiries we receive

  2. Apply to opportunities on behalf of artists 

  3. Act as an artist management service

If you have additional questions about the Black Artists Roster, please get in touch with ARTE NOIR via email at

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