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An Art + Apparel Design Show

May 15 - September 1, 2024

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Featuring the captivating works of The Artist L.Haz and Wolf Delux, Parallel Perspectives celebrates the intricate beauty of sacred geometry and its manifestation in both visual art and apparel design.

Each artist's works reveal the inherent harmony and interconnectedness found in geometric patterns and shapes. From mesmerizing fractals to intricate mandalas, each piece offers a unique perspective on the universal language of geometry and its profound symbolism.

From contrasting angles to complimentary conceptions, this exhibit showcases the rich tapestry of interpretations and understandings, each existing independently yet interconnected like parallel lines.

This program is part of our Black Thought for Black Futures summer of programming, supported in part by The Maven Collaborative.

Black Thought for Black Futures is a series of ARTE NOIR programs and activations that encourage forward (or future) thinking. These programs celebrate the creativity and brilliance demonstrated by people from throughout the African diaspora throughout time immemorial and advance the well-being of the Black community through the arts.



Zahyr Lauren, also known as The Artist L.Haz, creates in order to share light and love with community. Each piece is a time period of meditative peace for Zahyr. All of Z's artwork is hand-drawn.

Z is the youngest of four siblings from San Jose, California. Z comes from a powerful, southern Black matriarchy that migrated from Oklahoma and Mississippi to California with nothing and made something for generations to come. Z is a West Coast-based artist, humanstorian, and community attorney who began drawing in 2015.


The practice of meditative art, for Z, has become a mental and emotional salve, helping to cope with the trauma of coming from the injustice system’s most heavily targeted community. The practice provides a meditative reprieve from the world and the artist hopes the work engulfs other people in the same kind of peace that was felt during each work’s creation.


Learn more about The Artist L.Haz at


Malcolm Procter, also known as Wolf Delux, is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist from Seattle, Washington. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for exploration, Malcolm's artistic journey has led him to delve into a diverse array of mediums and techniques.

Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and his own cultural heritage, Malcolm's work is characterized by intricate patterned line work that interplays with vivid floral motifs, African diasporic figures, and elements of pop art. His unique fusion of styles and influences create visually stunning compositions that captivate the imagination.


Driven by a desire to push the boundaries of his creativity, Malcolm continually seeks new avenues for artistic expression. Whether through painting, illustration, or apparel design, he approaches each project with a sense of curiosity and experimentation, pushing the limits of his craft and challenging traditional notions of artistry. Through his art, he seeks to spark conversations, provoke thought, and inspire others to embrace their own creativity and individuality.


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