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Whew! That baby got delivered and what a grand, grand opening weekend it was.

We haven't yet recovered and frankly, we don't want to. The glow is the fuel that keeps us going and every day, we remind ourselves that we've only just begun. The excitement of watching over 500 people come through our doors on opening day won't soon fade. I saw former members of the same church who hadn't seen one another in years reconnect. Folks that once lived in the Central District said they had a reason to come "home." A few folks who have been new residents of Seattle for several years found their "Black community," and a whole lot of people who read about us in the newspaper or heard a radio interview came to see for themselves what all the fuss was about. No one seemed disappointed.

Grand Opening Day, image credit Hilary Northcraft

The attention turned on Gallery Onyx was incredibly energizing. Watching painting after painting fly off the warm exhibit panels was cause for celebration. And our shelves were plucked pretty clean too, and you know what that means - more support for the artists with whom we were able to collaborate to stock our shelves with beautiful and exclusive items.

Our huge thanks to Wa Na Wari for collaborating with us for Walk the Block. It is because of this collaboration that literally hundreds of walkers landed in our space, and in the center of Midtown Square to experience live entertainment. We can't wait to cook up more cool collaborations with our beloved Wa Na Wari neighbors.

If you have not yet had a chance to visit us, here are a few pieces of info to help plan your visit:

Hours, Tuesday - Sunday, 10 AM - 6 PM, Gallery Onyx hours are the same.

Location, 2301 East Union, Suite H, Seattle, WA 98122

HOWEVER, our address is not yet painted over the door, so just look for us on the SE corner of 23rd & Union. Yep, directly across from Uncle Ike's. Can't miss us.

Parking can be challenging in the neighborhood, so be prepared to possibly walk a few blocks to reach us. We promise it will be worth it and when you arrive, we'll have a nice cool glass of mint water waiting for you.

What you will find inside is an array of apothecary items, home goods, jewelry, music, a children's corner, art books and pencils, glassware, and more, all made by Black makers. Not to forget an incredible selection of art on view in the gallery, and Instagram moments galore!

Come on in and snap a shot in front of the step and repeat, and tag us @artenoirnow

See you soon and often!

Young Black man with glasses in a white shirt with black roses smiles with open arms at the camera
Guest Services Manager Marcus Mitchell photographed by Sunita Martini


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