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Over the past year, the significance of celebrating and uplifting Black art has become ever more important at ARTE NOIR. Each month, we hope to share good information and introduce our readers to Black art and artists who are shaping our communities and our world. We seek to elevate the understanding of Black art as it is today, as it was in the past, and the ways that it propels us into a future that no longer sidelines one community of art and artists in order to give prominence to others. We may or may not be succeeding but we know that without trying, we have failed. So we continue to try.

The physical expression of our mission will soon be open to the public. ARTE NOIR at Midtown Square has been a few years in the making and soon we can welcome you into our doors at 23rd & East Union.

What you will find there is a brick-and-mortar dedication to hosting a home for Black art. It’s a bit of a physical love letter to the art and culture that has shaped our community, and our intention is to make a home for the old and the new, and places in between. What a thrill to have a virtual world to express our appreciation for Black art and culture, and to now have a physical world where new memories can be made.

While exercising your patience, we invite you to consider the ways in which art has impacted your life. What was your first arts experience? How did it make you feel? What new curiosity was formed for you by art? How would your life be changed without art?

I know we have been teasing our opening for a while, but we also know that patience is a virtue. We won’t keep you waiting much longer as Fall is our season to bloom.

Until then, please accept our gratitude for your support and patience. See you in person, real soon!

A Black mother and daughter and in front of window with a "coming soon" sign on it for the ARTE NOIR space at Midtown
Photo by Nii Okaidja


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