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The Pacific Northwest is quite well known for its music history. Names like Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix, and Ernestine Anderson flow easily from the tongues of anyone making mention of what the city of Seattle has contributed to the overall music scene in the country. We know that the whole grunge movement started in Seattle, and the popularity of Sir Mix-a-lot and Macklemore has given the world a glimpse of the diversity of innovation that gets brewed with that clean Northwest water! This rich music tradition continues while new, young voices are engaged in creating opportunities for the music to keep playing.

At the Seattle Music Commission, keeping the future of music is top of mind. A high priority for the Commission is to continue implementation of the 2020 City of Music plan that visions a future where a spirit of innovation continually renews a thriving music industry, both economically and culturally.

The Commission is a multi-generational body of volunteers, including young folks like Bunnie Marie Moore, aka Bunnie on the Board. Bunnie pledges her allegiance to her South End (Seattle) origins and considers herself a creative dreamer. She is also probably one of the rarest of finds as a Black woman audio engineer and creative director of the record label PNW Beats, and she is a teaching artist. In her Commission bio, Bunnie states her desire to bring intersectionality between social justice and arts, which she does on the regular in her position as the Radio Program Manager for Powerful Voices.

How wonderful to have someone like Bunnie bring her time and energy to the Seattle Music Commission, along with other members keeping the future of music in our city alive, well, and growing into the future. We tip our hat to you Bunnie and thank you for your service during this Black Music Month.

Young black woman sits in front of a recording studio console
Bunnie Marie Moore at the console


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