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As we enter a new season of shorter days, longer nights, comfort food, and more time spent indoors, I can’t help but reflect back on the past year of activity. Amid devastation and conflict in the world, there are some small slices of the exact opposite that seed positive energy, feeding our souls and lifting our spirits. So much of this has been true in and around our physical hub in the Central District. Issa whole new vibe happening in our community!

The opening of Jerk Shack at Midtown has fed more than our souls and we delight in seeing Trey Lamont and his crew introduce folks to his signature style of ‘down home’ cooking. Soon, Takiyah Ward will open the first and only sneaker dry cleaner at Midtown, The Re-Sole, and she has been activating excitement with opening events and is now officially open for business.

Wa Na Wari has been a consistent instigator of goodness and they keep raising the bar. This year’s Walk the Block was the biggest ever and people arrived from all over the city to participate. It was a whole homecoming kind of vibe for many of us, running into folks we had not seen in a while, and checking out the art that encompassed the community. More goodness comes from Wa Na Wari year-round with exhibits, events, and let’s not forget, the feeding program that is open to anyone who wants a meal, free and no questions asked. That’s radical care for the community.

The Midtown Square was on and popping the entire year too! Twerk classes, double dutch, African dance, food markets, art markets, community celebrations, play readings, and more.

If you haven’t been to the CD in a while, come on by and check us out.

Vivian Phillips, Founder + Board President

Women in colorful clothing jump double dutch in a public square
The Double Dutch Divas in the square at this year's Walk the Block. Credit Hilary Northcraft


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