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What do you say about a voice that sounds so pure it makes you believe in the real possibility that there are spirits on earth who have descended from an angelic choir? How do you describe a sound you’ve never heard before, yet when you hear it, there is an immediate and soothing familiarity? I can only describe these experiences by calling the name, Tiffany Wilson!

The very first time I heard Tiffany sing, I felt as though my feet had been permanently cast into the floor, and found my mouth in need of power tools to assist in closing. The entrancing fluidity of her silky voice, coupled with her simple performance delivery, devoid of any special enhancements, seemed to come from an otherworldly being. Hers is a style that showcases a sense of humility for the divine gift of what sounds like perfect pitch, delivered effortlessly and with immense vocal control. When Tiffany sings, you know for certain that there is a higher power.

In 2011, Tiffany joined the Seattle Rock Orchestra for a Tribute to Stevie Wonder performance. The music of Stevie Wonder is NOT to be toyed with, nor is it as easy to replicate as it may sound. Stevie Wonder is an undisputed musical genius whose orchestrations are pure works of art. When the orchestra began the first few chords of Yester-Me, Yester-You, a little cringe rose up in me in fear of a good effort that someone would try to give and miss the mark, and then Tiffany stepped on the stage. She owned it, from beginning to end and flawlessly performed every lyric and every note with perfection.

While Tiffany masterfully sings beautiful songs by other artists, her own creations are equally enthralling. A consummate songwriter, Tiffany writes music that is as inspiring as it is a call and response to the times. In 2020, Tiffany teamed with master producer Vitamin D, and vocalist Lady Tasz to deliver a deeply felt commentary on inequality, gun use, and injustices in America. With the vocal style and elegance of a Vaughn or Fitzgerald, Tiffany’s music is soulful and thought-provoking.

If you visit Tiffany’s website, you won’t find a long list of the who’s who with whom she has performed, although the list is long and impressive, nor will you find a ton of philosophic musings about the universal power of music. Instead what you will find is her music. You will also find a few quotes and Tiffany has chosen to let the people speak on her behalf. For instance:

"She isn’t a rough-hewn belter but rather a meticulous vocalizer, able to hang back in poignancy, elevate in delicacy, or settle into intimate simplicity."

"In the case of vocalist Tiffany Wilson—whose recent KEXP performance stopped me in my tracks when I heard it two rooms away streaming from my husband's phone—there's no denying the power and passion of her voice"

For those who may want to check the truth in my testimony by experiencing Tiffany Wilson, you’re in luck! Tiffany is starring in Teatro ZinZanni’s 25th Anniversary Season of performances in Seattle at The Sanctuary venue at Lotte Hotel. What a treat!

Whether you get a chance to see her in person or check out her music otherwise, you can also view some of her videos on her website, or check out the profile on Tiffany Wilson as part of the Black Arts Legacies, here. Tiffany Wilson is a musical treasure.


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