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Fade to Black is the section that is often dedicated to honoring a Black arts leader who has transitioned, and for recognizing work that has had profound impacts on Black culture. We've also used this section to spotlight work that continues to lead to new pathways for Black artists. The very first entry was dedicated to Langston Hughes’ poem, I, TOO, acknowledging the fact that Black Americans often feel betrayed rather than embraced as Americans.

We have embraced the concept of Fading to Black as a metaphor for the gradual return we are witnessing, of a Black presence in the historic Central District, and our annual celebration is our way of saying, WE BELONG HERE.

As we celebrate our first year of operation in our home location, we share some imagery of our Fade to Black anniversary gala. Thank you to our loving community of artists and supporters for celebrating with us!

Anniversary Gala video courtesy of Elite Collective

Photos courtesy of Elite Collective and Smile Patrol


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