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Cole poses next to the pillars she painted in the shop

Seattle native Cole Abram returned home from NYU Shanghai, with her Global China Studies degree in hand. With a minor in Mandarin and Interactive Media Arts, Cole was ready to supplement her education by immersing herself in art and Black cultural experiences. Feeling as though her highly specialized degree fulfilled her educational goals, she found a deficit in her connection to her culture. She also found ARTE NOIR.

Cole is the ARTE NOIR Guest Services Associate and beyond her skills in sales, customer relations, product knowledge, and inventory management, she is also a contributing artist. "I am happy to be home and finding ways to engage in and uplift my community," Cole stated when asked why she chose to take on the position at ARTE NOIR. "I’m also a budding creative and have a desire to get to know and immerse myself in the local black creative community. AN is both of those things. AN is also family, AN is future, and it's community too. So why not join AN?"

When you enter ARTE NOIR, you will pass two concrete columns in the vestibule, complete with ethnically influenced black and white brand flourishes. The work of Cole Abram.

When Cole is not greeting guests, replenishing stock, or grabbing snappy pix, you will find her admiring the abundant jewelry selections. The ARTE NOIR jewelry selections represent unique designs from Janis Murray/TruVintage66, Diane Farrar/Bodacious Bracelets by Afrasthetics, Eve Sanford/Evolve Revolt Repeat, and Seaweed International.

Here's Cole's current favorite retail store pick:

Seaweed International jewelry, across the board, is uniquely beautiful, but their earrings in particular are to die for! Each pair is different, so you know that no one will have the same pair as you. The way each pair has a balanced mix of different textures, colors and patterns, and materials is so elegant and pleasing to the eye. I have a pair of my own, and I have to stop myself every day from buying all of the rest in our display.

Well, you've been warned. Grab some jewelry at ARTE NOIR before Cole buys it all. Stop in and give a greeting to Emerging Artist + Guest Services Associate, Cole Abram.


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