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When you are introduced to artist Myron Curry, you have met what can only be described as "sunshine in human form." ☀️

It’s not just the glow that effortlessly emits from his smile, but it’s the warmth in his every word. Whether meeting Myron for the first time or the hundredth, there is always something present that gives off a hint of familiarity. It’s almost as if he is looking into your eyes and seeing and connecting to your soul.

Light skinned black man poses in front of a colorful mural of a woman that he painted
Myron Curry in front of one of his murals, courtesy of the artist

Perhaps the soulfulness comes from the many metaphorical rivers that Myron has crossed. There is an ancient knowing in his personality and his art, which comes out in whatever work he is doing. Be it specialized resins or the creation of massive murals representing people he has never met, like the ones that adorn Midtown Square—Myron’s visual recreation of Edwin Pratt, De Charlene Williams, Jimi Hendrix, Ernestine Anderson, Langston Hughes, and the young child being held in the hands of her community—each holds a unique preciseness. A certain “knowing” is embedded within the eyes of each subject as if giving approval to Myron’s interpretation. It was Myron who developed the theme that runs across all four of the murals, “Central District Community Love.” This is exemplary of Myron’s heart and his love for the community where he grew up.

Myron’s precision is continuously present in his drive, determination, and commitment to his community. In the words of Langston Hughes, (Mother to Son poem), “Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair,” this too is true for Myron. Yet, no matter what, he is always seeking ways to turn lemons into tasty lemonade to be shared. Myron openly speaks about his history of being incarcerated and turning that experience into an artistic triumph. A self-taught artist, Myron has won the attention of numerous collectors and arts supporters including being selected as a 2021 Artist Trust GAP Award recipient, and a 2022 Cornish College Neddy Award. And while these are prestigious award recognitions for any artist, Myron uses them to add fuel to his desire to do more for his community.

At ARTE NOIR, Myron Curry is the center of daily inspiration. His exterior 23rd Avenue murals welcome our visitors, his one-of-a-kind resin clocks and dishes defy all hesitancy to touch and hold them, and his visits light up every square inch of our space. In addition to his specialty collections at ARTE NOIR, Myron lends his talent and care to local youth and other emerging artists whenever he can. His energy for his art and his passion for supporting others seem endless.

In addition to Myron's art in and around ARTE NOIR + Midtown Square, he has a gallery located in the historic Exchange Building in downtown Seattle, across from the Metropolitan Grill, and he will be hosting a pop-up there next month. He is also thrilled to be planning for the grand opening of his second gallery location on 7th and Bell in the Amazon compound in 2023! Stay up to date with what Myron's got going on by following him on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube + TikTok, or visiting his website here.

Thank you Myron for your creativity, love, light, and ancient wisdom that you share with us all!


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