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This month, the spotlight is on the Black Future Co-op Fund and their support of Black-woman-led organizations throughout Washington state that are serving their communities through arts, culture, restorative healing, educational innovation, policy development, and more. ARTE NOIR is pleased to announce that we are among the 21 recent grant recipients. The latest round of We See You grants was created by the Fund in celebration of Black-woman-led organizations and in acknowledgment of the vital work being done every day by Black women on behalf of Black Washingtonians. We are honored to be among the grantees!

The Black Future Co-op Fund is Washington’s first Black-women-led philanthropy created by and for Black people to ignite generational wealth, health, and wellbeing. As part of the Fund’s endeavors to shift the philanthropic paradigm and break down barriers to accessing resources, the We See You grant offers $50,000 in unrestricted funding for ARTE NOIR to direct and use as we see fit. This barrier-free funding will support ARTE NOIR's current construction of our physical space at Midtown Square in Seattle’s historic Central District at 23rd & Union, which will house a Black art gallery to be run by Onyx Fine Arts, as well as a Black culture retail shop. As a nonprofit reparative wealth-generating retail operation, ARTE NOIR will sell items created by Black artists, providing 100% of the sales proceeds to go directly to those artists. ARTE NOIR is working to create a stable place for Black arts and culture to have a renewed presence at the nexus of the Black community in perpetuity and will own the 3400 square foot space at Midtown. ✊🏾

Women continue to make history and we shine our gratitude light on the four Black women history makers and founders of the Black Future Co-op Fund: Andrea Caupain Sanderson, Michelle Merriweather, Angela Jones, and Senator T’wina Nobles. We see you!!! And we thank you with our whole hearts for declaring us seen, and investing in the vision and future of ARTE NOIR. Thank you!

Learn more about the Black Future Co-op Fund and grant opportunities here.


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