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As Black History Month comes to a close, I am reminded of the beauty of Black culture. Parallel to that beauty is the loss we've endured of our vibrant culture, due to the impacts of cultural appropriation and lack of institutional memory.

On a recent episode of `black-ish, Dre lifted this concept, reminding viewers of the power of Black culture within the sneaker game. Astounded by how one of his white co-workers flaunted access to the latest and greatest new lines of sneakers, pushed in value and prominence by Black athletes, Dre’s tennis shoe obsession was instantly tied to his reverence for his culture and its impact on American culture. This is the farewell season of `black-ish and we will certainly miss the informative ways in which this show, for eight seasons, has brought home messages of Black pride and Black history.

Black culture makes history every day. Each month, we are proud to bring stories and information to our reading community about the inextricable link Black people have to culture around the world. From the architects featured in this issue who rose to the top of their game, even participating in the design of structures where people who looked like them were barred from entry, to the leadership of everyday people who stand together to leave a legacy for the next generation, and the ways in which Black people and Black culture defy negative narratives and create new pathways to keeping our history alive, making new inroads to a thriving existence.

However you have chosen to engage in Black history this month or at any other time, we urge you to look around and acknowledge how Black art, Black culture, and Black people have helped to shape a social fabric that enhances your life. We’ll keep doing our best to uncover hidden stories and shine a bright light on the soulfulness and power of Blackness.


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