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Slated for June 2022, Crosscut is launching Black Arts Legacies, which aims to become an evolving multimedia archive of Black arts. Through written profiles, original photography, video documentaries, and podcasts, Black journalists from throughout the region will showcase the Black arts ecosystem, across time and genres, and within the larger context of cultural movements in the region.

Black Arts Legacies will serve to educate and engage with the public, increasing awareness of the vital role Black artists have played and continue to play in the Northwest cultural landscape, and thereby increasing support for Black artists and organizations.

ARTE NOIR has been close to this project since its early idea stage and we were delighted to work with the members of the Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle Music Commission, the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and Cascade Media to explore innovative ways to uncover the hidden stories of Black art legacies in Seattle. We can't wait to see the final product and to watch this project grow!

Along with the launch, Crosscut is hosting a celebratory social event featuring several of the artists recognized as part of the project. You can RSVP here!

For more information about Black Arts Legacies and to sign up for their newsletter, visit their website.


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