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Former NFL Football linebacker Keith Rivers has put down his helmet and taken up the mantle of art curator. A collector since 2010, Rivers recently curated a show at the New York Flag Art Foundation Chelsea Arts Tower, open now through June 4th, titled Courage Before Expectation. "This exhibition is an extension of my interest in having conversations with artists, and sharing, through my eyes and theirs, how talent, perseverance, and trusting the process will get you where you want to go.” stated Rivers.

While the show doesn’t feature works from Rivers's personal collection, it does highlight his curatorial flair with an eclectic array of contrasting works from artists including Carmen Herrara, Sonia Gomes, Philip Guston, Thaddeus Mosley, and Kerry James Marshall, and is representative of Rivers’ life and art values.

Rivers proves that there is life after football, and not just as a sports commentator. You can enjoy a peek into his personal collection via this New York Times article. His move to becoming an art curator may open other doors for sports veterans to bring new ideas and resources into the arts. Welcome to our world, Keith!

Installation view “Courage Before Expectation” curated by Keith Rivers at the FLAG Art Foundation, 2022. Photo Steven Probert


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