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When a bright light fades we are often left to wonder how did the darkness arrive? What was the cause? When the spark is so seemingly full of life, it can be difficult to accept that perhaps that spark was just for us, the onlookers, and not the reality for the one who illuminated so much joy.

The world lost an incredibly brilliant light when Stephen “tWitch” Boss apparently came to the conclusion that the darkness was too much to bear. According to the LA Coroner, Boss’ death has been ruled a suicide.

There is little, if anything, left to say that hasn’t already been said about this inspiring man who turned reality dance shows like So You Think You Can Dance into must-see TV. He was precise, lithe, strong, charming, and had a smile that will linger in our memory forever.

All of social media and the entire Internet continue to be heaped with sadness while remembering his life. We honor his life too and say thank you for the joy of dance that shone so brightly through Stephen “tWitch” Boss, and leave you with one of his moving pieces below.


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