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It’s almost that time of year when we celebrate our mothers. Mother’s Day is set aside to honor the ones who carried us into this life. They are the givers of life and for the entire gestation period, they feed and nurture us into birth. As unborn, we are often aware of the joys and traumas our mothers are experiencing through the energy connection of our umbilical cords.

The power of the mother connection is a mighty force. In our spotlight on One Vibe founder Simon Okelo, it is noted that his mother and her resiliency are the inspiration that he carries with him in his endeavors. There are numerous mentions of his mother in interviews with Harry Belafonte. One quote is particularly striking and descriptive of the woman who raised him. He said, “Poverty was my mother’s midwife. She had her children in poverty. But she also found a road to bring us a sense of purpose, and she taught us how to be valiant in the face of oppression.” Whether raising children in poverty or high on the hog, mothers tend to value, embrace, and embody the act of raising their children to be valiant, regardless of the situation.

In Alice Walker’s 1974 essay, "In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens," she explores generations of African-American women to reveal Black women literary artists. In the process, Walker finds her own garden - a bountiful harvest of unparalleled literary artistry.

For those of us who are without our mothers, the upcoming day of celebration is often a time when we wish we had just a little more time together. There is always a burning question that we wish we could pose or a particular personality trait that we notice and recall that our mother shared.

In 2021, Shantrelle Lewis directed a beautiful tribute celebrating the strength and resiliency of Black women and relationships between mothers and daughters titled In Our Mothers’ Garden, available on Netflix. It’s a glorious and inspiring look at Black women through their own words and a perfect watch after Mother's Day activity.

Regardless of what you have planned this coming Mother's Day; know that we are sending our love, honor, and respect for the nurturers and givers of life.

With love and appreciation,


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