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If you're a Seattle-ite, then you surely knew Chef Kristi Brown for her black-eyed pea hummus and internationally inspired soul food bites from her past company, That Brown Girl Cooks! catering (formerly That Brown Girl Caters) over the years. Now, we are so proud to be getting to know her in an even larger capacity—her highly successful new restaurant, Communion Restaurant & Bar—a place that states "I Am Home" on the floor entryway and welcomes guests into what surely does feel like a community home with her outstanding Seattle soul food.

We are so excited to see Kristi and her team receiving so many well-deserved accolades this past year, including their latest, The New York Times 2021 Restaurant List! The list includes 50 restaurants around the country that food critics are most excited about right now. To add to the excitement, Communion just announced they will be hosting "Late Night' hours from 10 PM to 1 AM on Fridays with snacks, happy hour drinks, and R&B tunes. So, if you can't score one of those coveted reservations, pop in late-night for a chance to experience a paired-down version of the restaurant.

CONGRATULATIONS KRISTI AND COMMUNION TEAM! We're shouting out to you and this wonderful restaurant! Now go get your reservations asap!!


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