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There is brightness and joy in her art exceeded only by the brightness and joy she exudes. Perri Rhoden, affectionately known also as thecurlynugget, is an abstract mixed media artist and muralist by trade. Her work is thoughtful while also being quite playful and is self-described as “bright, bold, sensual, and full of texture, inspired by Black women and her manifestations of feminine energy captured on canvas.”

Black woman with long wavy hair, red lipstick in a floral dress stands sideways to the camera and turns her head smiling toward the lens.
Artist Perri Rhoden, photo by Victoria Kovios

The work of Perri has been captured on murals around the city including at the We are Water, collaboration with mixed media photographer Melvin Freeman on 23rd Avenue at Massachusetts, the Black Lives Matter street mural on Capitol Hill as part of the Vivid Matter Collective, and the welcoming mural at the 24th Avenue entrance to Midtown Square. So inspired by the colorful and whimsical nature of the Midtown Square mural, ARTE NOIR partnered with Perri to capture her creativity and make it available in the form of a shower curtain, which has been a top seller at the 23rd & Union store.

A neon sign reading Midtown Square illuminates a vibrant and colorful mural of a woman with bright yellow flowing hair and colors of pink, blue, purple, green, white, and more stretch across a brick wall
Midtown Square Mural by Perri Rhoden image courtesy of the artist, credit Brangien Davis

Rhoden is also a thoughtful citizen and some of her insights were captured on a series of posters made for the 2022 Wa Na Wari Walk the Block event. Spread throughout the neighborhood Perri’s musings showed up in poster signage in quotes like, Be gentle with yourself, Beyonce wasn’t built in a day; It’s all shits and giggles until America shits and giggles; Our liberation is more important than your comfort. Read that again.

Perri’s creativity is expansive, much like her smile and presence. In her, one can see the depth of possibility that sparkles in her eyes. And while she is already quite accomplished, it is evident that she will continue to deliver an artistic expression that is lasting and will continue to draw audiences and collectors from far and wide.

Thank you to Perri Rhoden for the life and vitality that she leaves behind in her lovely work. We are watching and walking with you the entire journey, if that's okay with you!

Learn more about Perri Rhoden, thecurlynugget, and brighten your life with her art.


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