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The poetic phrase, "All Power to the People" was a rallying cry of the Black Panther Party, and no one waxed more poetically than Brother Garry Owens. Garry has been described as “a warrior for justice,” which is absolutely accurate, yet does not do justice to the kind and compassionate nature that exuded from his every interaction. He was a comrade, a protector of his community, a soldier for social justice, and a divine embodiment of what it means to truly care about people.

One of the early members of the Seattle Chapter of the Black Panther Party, Garry Owens was a proud and poetic revolutionary until his death on September 30, 2022. In remembering Garry, we share these words attributed to him and reprinted in several news articles announcing his passing. Pure wisdom, pure poetry:

“Maybe the true essence of our humanity is to deeply feel something and then strive for it however you can, and then take people along with you so you’re not doing it in isolation.”

We remember Garry and his elegance as a lifelong drum major for justice who always walked tall, had no need to carry a big stick, and used his creative mind to lead for change.

Rest in power!


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