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Seattle’s longest-running Black art gallery is opening a second location.

Gallery Onyx at Midtown Square opens in ARTE NOIR on September 17th!

This collaboration has been at least a couple of years in the making through lots of conversation, dreaming together, and planning our way to this point. We couldn’t be more excited to have forged this relationship and to see our collective vision come to life, on a corner of the Central District that is becoming more and more alive daily, with vibrant Black culture.

To define the importance of ONYX as an art gallery and collective, we find deeper meaning in the exploration of the stone itself. Onyx is a natural black stone from within the earth’s core that is hardened and seen with a unique character of strength and purpose!

The unique character of strength and purpose is exemplified by the evolution and growth of the ONYX Collective. In 2017, the Truth B Told exhibit, held at King Street Station, presented the largest ever exhibit of fine art produced by artists of African descent from the Pacific Northwest. The exhibit was documented in a coffee table book that now resides within the Seattle Public Library collection. This exhibit was a catalyst for doubling the number of artists who are now connected to the ONYX Fine Arts Collective. By 2021, Truth B Told II provided a new stamp in time of the many talented, experienced, and emerging artists in our community. Within the pages of Truth B Told II is photographic documentation of 276 pieces of artwork by 74 artists of African descent from the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to their Pacific Place location, Gallery ONYX now has a home at Midtown Square Seattle, in a shared space with us, ARTE NOIR. There, you will find on regular exhibit, the excellence and creativity of Black artists in our midst. To learn more about ONYX, check out this short video below, produced by The Seattle Channel. Welcome to the CD, ONYX!


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